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Traditional Works

It's amazing how many people ask how long someone has been drawing. The answer is for as long as we've held a pencil. The real question should be, when you stopped drawing... Everyone has heard someone say, "I can't draw." In actuality, you can. Everything artists make is done starting with basic shapes, so if you can draw a stick figure, then you're good to go. It's amazing how great something turns out with time and effort. If everything in matter is comprised of basic shapes, then you can build on your stick figures and houses to create masterpieces. Life is made easier in the modern world with digital drawing equipment. With a drawing tablet and computer, every mistake can be correct flawlessly and perfection can be achieved. The works in this select portfolio are all hand illustrated examples, however, many of them have been digitized and fully colored since.

Black and White Inks

Inks are done using traditional ink or many times permanent markers/sharpie. Sometimes by request of the client, additional colors may be added. But traditionally, Black over white is the normal presence. These pieces are framed on a 16 by 20 inch canvas. On a personal note, rarely do I use any form of canvas, as it is expensive. Only when doing smaller sizes will I use canvas or some form of mat board.

Little Red Riding Hood

I love this character, so much can be done with artistic license. Little Red Riding Hood, sorta... Ink and lining technique practice.

Little Red Riding Hood

Imp Heist

Merely practice using ink and lining creativity, Massy performs a secretive jewel heist. The white gel pen wasn't as opaque as hoped.

Original Imp/Fairy Character

Rondo Hatton

Rondo Hatton was an American actor in B movies from the 1930´s & 40´s. Because of a problem with his pituitary gland, he had very brutish facial features, which he used to portray bad guys, or even monsters.

Monster Movie Actor: Rondo Hatton

Agent K: The Replacements

More cartoon waifu material with husband whom is dumber than a sack or rocks. Here are the inks and lines.

Agent K Ink

Tar Man

The Tarman zombie from the 80´s movie The Return of the Living Dead. The situation is reminiscent of cover art from old E.C. Horror Comics

Return of the Night of the Living Dead

Moonbeam McSwine

Moonbeam McSwine, from the "Lil´Abner" comics series, by Al Capp. I can´t believe how hard was to find reference pics of her, or any other character from the series.

Moonbeam McSwine: Lil Abner

Machete Man

Danny Trejo, in Machete trailer in Robert Rodriguez Grindhouse, Planet Terror.Danny Trejo is one of the best bad guys in movies!

Original Machete Man Character

GI Joe: Baroness

Every boy seems to like the action of GI Joe. It's not until later you take a notice to a character like the bombshell that is Baroness.

Baroness From G.I. Joe

The Wrong Trousers

Wallace & Gromit is a British claymation comedy worth checking out. This is my transcription of claymation to ink.

Wallace and Gromit

DC: Hugo Strange

One of the lesser known villains from the Batman series, Professor Hugo Strange. I think he is really good as a villain!

Hugo Strange

Little Red... Again

Inks for a skit idea involving my girl. "Why grandma! My eyes may be huge but I have to be either blind as a bat or dumb as cheese to not see that something's amiss."

Little Red Riding Hood

Bubble Clouds

10th grade art class, it's a surreal concept meets psychedelic concept that sums up the end of the world and humanity and shows nature can carry on without people.

Surreal Ink

Various Colored Inks

These aren't too common upon request. Colored inks can often times take away from the traditional comic feel. I find many times, colors work well if used in moderation, maybe even only 1 color on top of the black and white. This can make the ware pop. In modern times, everything is digital, especially the shadows, occlusions and effects because creators have more control that way. Occasionally though, we may color the flats on inks with traditional tools like pastel or acrylic paints.

Pelisse (Roxanna)

From the Comics Fantasy Series called: La Quête de l'oiseau du temps (The Quest for the Time-Bird 1983.

Pelisse (Roxanna)

Sandi Crocker

Something different from what I usually draw, here is Sandi Crocker from Being Ian and you'll notice it has been signed by her voice actress, Tabitha St. Germain.

Sandi Crocker From Being Ian

XJ-9: Jenny

Normally a six-foot-five, 600 pound robot girl wouldn't be so desirable, but I think many will give Jenny the exception. I think she needs a charge, you better plug those cables in. I'm not sure where her charging ports are.

My Life as a Teenage Robot

Barbarian (Feast)

Ever since I saw the film Feast, inspiration hit. It's a horror film from 2005.

Barbarian Feast

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

When Brandy looses a contact lense, Whiskers takes that as an invitation to play leap frog. I never really got into Disney Channel content, but this show popped up in conversations and I had to try my hand at something involving it.

Disney's Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Imp Dance

There's not a lot to tell here, the characters are a cross between imps and fairies. In this illustration, they're doing stuff.

Elves Dance

Traditional Paintings

Often times, a traditional painting is asked for. It feels more authentic, it's more one of a kind and can't be replaced. These I will have at art fairs like Art in the Park or various conventions. Canvas sizes are either 16 by 20 inches or 24 by 36 inches, unless otherwise suggested. This is only because of standard frame sizes. Custom frames can be extremely expensive.

Jane & Judy Jetson

Jane would be an amazing wife and Judy is a classic teeny bopper. I always imagined the Jetson's as descendants on the same line as The Flintstones.

Jane and Judy Jetson

Billy & Mandy

Another acrylic painting of Billy and Mandy grown up. The hot blond and the goofy guy with a big nose enjoy some time at the pool.

Billy and Mandy

Tooth Fairy

Tooth fairies need training too. Did you know this is how they train during an apprenticeship? This is an acrylic painting later digitized into an album cover.

Tooth Fairy

Miss Bellum

Acrylic painting of Sara Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls on 24 by 36 eon board. I allowed more creative license with color to make the ware pop a bit more.

PPG: Miss Bellum

Dungeons and Dragons

Saturday morning cartoons were totally out the door with their action packed nature. D&D was no exception. Unfortunately the series was cancelled likely because it offended the wrong mommy group. This pinup was commissioned for the fanon "Requiem" script that was meant to air.

Dungeons and Dragons

Sedusa [Remake]

Her evil hair is slapping someone butt's out of camera. Perhaps the only female of the species that enjoys unruly hair. The original works is by 14-bis, this is my acrylic rendition of it.


Redneck Rampage

Leonard and Bubba, from the old computer game, Redneck Rampage, a fun first person shooter. I never saw so many toilets in one game!

Rampage de la Redneck

Queen Chrysalis [Remake]

Played around with her until she became a creepy, demonic fairy horse queen! The original works is by Dragonbeak, this is my acrylic rendition of it.

Queen Chrysalis Fan Art

Bart & Homer Simpson

Homer strangling Bart... No matter how many times I watched this scene, still I laugh when I see it.

The Simpsons

Little Red Riding Hood

Acrylic hand painting of my favorite girl.

Little Red Riding Hood

Book Cover Concept

Just another fun pic. The girl who cried... Something really bad! Being stung by a bee, or any other insect, is never something that allows much dignity.

The Girl Who Cried


Zoltar is the man behind your favorite fortune telling machine. This is just weird.

PPG: Miss Bellum

Herculoids Inks and Flats

Another great action packed Saturday morning cartoon in the 70's.


Ghost Rider: Inks Only

Johnny Blaze, a.k.a. Ghost Rider inks with his signature chain and Hell Cycle. The amount of detail that was needed here called for an oversized canvas of 24 by 36 inches. Needless to say, it took a while to complete.

Ghost Rider Ink

Dora The Explorer

When the live action film, Dora and the Lost City of Gold was announced, I felt the call to rebrand Dora given the fact that she is one of the most hated characters ever created.

Dora and the City of Gold

Little Red Riding Hood

Charity stream illustration that benefited the Wounded Warrior Project. I was one of 8 (I think) artists asked to participate in a day of illustrating lewd goods geared toward frustrating extreme feminists and to aid good causes. We often gather to stream over the web to a live audience.

Little Red Riding Hood