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Professional Portfolio

Here is a select array of works within the realm of web development, marketing and product design. Most of the works are single project based commissions or freelance assignments. Any questions or comments are always appreciated.

Rack Cards & Flyers

Rack cards and flyers are a good way to spread word of mouth on your business, especially if you're a startup and have no following. These are a few cards I've selected from Peachy Fitness so show elements of design and effectiveness.

Yin Yoga Advert
Yoga Rack Card
Halloween Yoga Advert

Games & Toys

I've involved myself in a few fan made games, several of which have been TCG's. Communist Monopoly went over bigger than it should have for gag products. The other monopoly board game set had custom pieces and was sold in the local school store.

Communist Monopoly Box Top

Communist Monopoly Box Top

Golden Oak Library Lego Set

Lego My Little Pony

Monopoly: Communist Edition

Communist Monopoly Board Game

TCG Promo For Convention

Trading Card Game Advert

Monopoly: Pinckney Edition

Pinckney Monopoly

Web Interfaces

These are older, but modern trends are easy to design. The functionality and back end development is where the real concern is. Hopefully you're content with older designs for the time being.

That 1 Guy: Branded Web Landing

Branded Web Site

Video Game Promotional

Video Game Website

Banded Style Web User Interface

Personal Website

Touch of Old, Touch of New

Blog Style Web Interface

Miscellaneous Goods

It's hard to decide what to put here. I'll gear this section more toward the masses with branding, marketing and advertisement related goods.

Business Card

Business Card

Cupcakery Logos

Cupcakery Logos

More Business Cards

Business Cards

Silk Screen T-Shirt Print Design

Silk Screen Print Design